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MakeUp in Paris, France, June 2019

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

It is HNB's third participation in MakeUp in Paris, France, 2019.

Among more than 170 products, awarded Diamond skincare brush at Innovation Tree showed how HNB made efforts to be creative and trendy. It was the second award at Innovation Tree, MUP.

Worldwide customers and new visitors were surprised and very interested in Diamond skincare brush which has beautiful design.

Not only Diamond brush, HNB’s Pro-skin collection lines caught visitors’ eyes.

If you have any inquiries or want sample request, please don’t hesitate to contact <>

Make Up in Paris/HNB Corporation

Awarded Diamond Skincare brush/HNB Corporation

Make Up in Paris/HNB Corporation

Cosmetic Brushes/HNB Corporation

Innovation tree in MUP/HNB Corporation

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