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CEO Greetings


Since its establishment in 1973, HNB Corporation has grown up to be a leading company in manufacturing beauty tools and accessories. The company was founded as “Hyangnam Industries” in Seoul, Korea, by my grandfather, it is now a family-run business for three generations. I currently work with my parents and wife. We have been carrying this special line of business for more than four decades, building a good reputation amongst our partners. We truly appreciate our customers, who are the backbone of what we are today.

In an effort to develop and provide innovative products to you, it has become critical that we re-opened our office in Seoul, Korea to lead trends in beauty industry and ensure enhanced service levels. It is the moment to reborn as “HNB Corporation”.

In order to provide the best, we have been focusing on “Quality” and “Innovation”. Powered by passion, our employees are all very proud of the high quality of our products. Not only that, our Korea HNB Lab members are ourselves dedicated to innovation, by collaboration with make-up artists and product designers. Equipped with 3D printing machines, we continuously work to develop innovations through new designs and functions to serve our customers better.

I believe that make-up is not just to hide one’s flaws; it is the happiest and the most fun way to find out the hidden gem within oneself. As a leading makeup brush manufacturer, we hope that our beauty items contribute to our customers’ lives, raising their confidence with a perfect look.

We look forward to continuing to serve our customers for future generations.

Thank you.

Roy Nam / HNB Corporation


300+ beauty companies are in a partnership with HNB Corporation across the globe.


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at Estee Lauder Companies

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