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Portable Brush: Easy to Store and Carry Brush

These portable brushes can be put directly into a bag or pocket, clean and tidy, and easy to carry, it is a good choice for travel around, home or even work. 

If you love the idea of multi-functional beautiness, then say ‘hello!’ to our portable brushes!

HNOT50 2in1 face

Double-Ended complexion makeup brush that includes applicators for foundation, powder, buffer and concealer.

HNOT52 2in1 eye & lip

This dual-end lip and eye shadow applicator is very good for applying lip gloss or lipstick and eye shadow. Easy to use and convenient to carry. 

HNOT54 2in1 eye & brow

Double ended eyebrow definer for perfectly defined & sculpted brows.

Triangular retractable tip to fill your brows with precision and easy to use spoolie brush to set the brows.

HNOT19 2in1 retractable lip & eye

Adopt to two head design and styling, retractable, clean and hygienic.

Multiple uses of one item can meet consumers makeup needs, great for travelling.

HNOT51 4in1 face&2 eye

Maximize your vanity space and makeup pouch by carrying one makeup brush that'll provide your desired coverage to achieve a smooth, even base for the rest of your makeup application, and three eye brushes to quickly and easily define your eyes on-the-go!

HNOT53 4in1 eye&lip

Maximize your vanity space and makeup pouch with this super compact and discreet eye & lip defining makeup brush. 

Featuring a smudger brush to smoke and blend out powder shadows, a rounded detailing brush to apply shadows in desired areas, and angled eyeliner brush to define your lash line, and a small, rounded lip brush that can be used to apply cream-like products to the lips, eyes, and face. 

HNOT49 4in1 face

Combines the most essential applicators for face makeup in one easy, convenient tool for effortless makeup application. Just load it into your travel makeup bag, and you’ll be ready to go!

HNRT16 Retractable face

With retractable compact design, this makeup brush is portable for daily makeup application or travel. It's the ideal size to tuck into a travel bag or keep in the purse.

Good flawless makeup for powder, liquid, concealer, cream, blush, concealer, foundation, cosmetics.

HNRT20 Retractable lip & eye

HNRT21 Retractable lip & eye

This ultra-firm, retractable lip brush with a tapered tip is perfect to apply, define or blend out lip colour. Perfect brush for a quick and easy use to define the contours of lips, fill in colour or blend out lip liner. This retractable lip brush is perfect for on-the-go. 

HNBB11 Body Brush with Cap

This brush is prefect for applying an event coat of liquid foundation liquid primer or used for body makeup/bronzer. 

The cap helps to keep the brush hygiene and to protect the bristles. 

HNOT55 Jelly tip blending brush

This silicone lip brush helps to create natural lip makeup with its angled round head that ensures an even application. 

This silicone lip brush can be used for applying eye shadow, nose shadow, moisturizing lipstick, concealer, etc. It helps to create a variety of beautiful makeup looks with ease. Perfect for on-the-go and easy to clean!

Highly Flexible Customization

Head shape can be customized upon requests.

We also offer packaging consultation & guidance based on your budget, brand identity & market requirements.

Reach out for inquiries and collaboration opportunities.


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